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Naga Jolokia Whole Dried Chiles

Naga Jolokia Dried Chiles

Naga Jolokia Whole Dried Chile ~ AKA the Ghost Pepper is the world's hottest pepper with a record braking heat level of over 1,000,000 Scoville units. More than double the heat of the Red Savina Habanero and 200 times hotter than the common Jalapeno. If you like it HOT, this one is for you. Fruits are 2-3 inches long by 1-1.25 inches wide. It takes about 12 pounds of fresh pods to make 1 pound or dried pods. Use whenever you want EXTREME HEAT! This Chile is so hot it can hurt for hours!. Don't be an uncool prankster and give it to a naive person or an innocent child. Enjoy the heat responsibly. Learn More about the Naga Jolokia pepper.

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Naga Jolokia Peppers