This page is for all the Email collecting spam robots. It contains a list of false
addresses and abuse reporting addresses (good place to send spam)

The forms below are copies of those found on the spamers web site with the required fields pre-filled with bogus information. Also as an extra bonus the require email fields have a list of different false and abuse reporting addresses. As there system collects the false info and puts the false address in the system they will get a lot of flack form the abuse reporting. It only takes a very short time to send them a few hundred false leads. Don't wait after clicking the submit button for the page to refresh and go to their redirect page, just click the mouse on the button as fast as you can and send them hundreds of times! manut@uni, rumi@,,,,,,

Send NO SPAM MSG back to spamer.
After page redirects hit your back button and send again, 5-100 times!

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