Recipes For Heat Lovers If you enjoy HOT cuisine with mouth watering flavor, this is the right place. Recipes that just "burn" and have little flavor don't appeal to many palates and give Chiles a bad reputation. As your tolerance (addiction) for heat grows, you will start to appreciate the many unique and divers flavors offered by so many varieties of hot Chiles available for your eating pleasure. All recipes are in MasterCook format for easy importing.

Wild Game Recipes ~ Recipe Girl Her site contains over 1,500 wild game recipes. A membership is required to see them all, but she has 60 sample recipes and lots of game information on this sample page. Recipes are in MasterCook format.

Pepper Fool Fellow ChileHead Robert Lusk's site has a great recipe collection in MasterCook format. You can also list or get a restaurant review (by state) of your favorite HOT spot.

Apple Pie Our website is one of the largest apple pie recipe databases online. Find mouth watering recipes such as easy Swedish apple pie, best apple pie, apple pie crust, New York apple pie filling, Dutch apple pie, and much more.

The Pepper Zone Great spicy recipes, chili facts, videos and more.