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The pronghorn is another animal better known by another name, the antelope. Actually this is not a member of the antelope family, nor of the goat family, in spite of the similarity of the horns. This animal is unique; it has no relative anywhere in the world.

The pronghorn sheds its horns each year as do animals that wear antlers. When the horns are shed, however, the long fibrous core remains. Both male and female carry horns. The doe runs around 65 pounds; her mate may average about 80. The larger andlonger the horns, the older the animal is assumed to be.

The pronghorns' country is the sage dessert, the wide open spaces of the "purple" rather than the culinary sage. Because the sage forms a fair part of their diet it does affect the flavor of the flesh. I personally rather like it and do not marinatethe meat unless I know the animal had been run in fright. The thing to keep in mind is that sage does not blend well with culinary sage, so don't use any of that in yourcooking.

People who find the wild sage taste in the meat not to their liking frequently soak the meat in milk for a few hours, then drain and continue with the recipes. This doesdraw off some of the flavor and, of course, also takes some of the natural meat juices with it. Try it if you must, but do try the pronghorn plain first! The meat is fine-grained and there is little fat. Any that there is should be removed. Pronghorn meat lends itself well to recipes for veal.

Jacqueline E. Knight


Antelope Steak Pie	

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
		=== CRUST ===	
1	cup	Flour	
1/2	cup	Shortening	
1/4	teaspoon	Salt	
1/2	cup	Mashed potatoes	
1	teaspoon	Baking powder	
1	cup	Water	
		=== FILLING ===	
1 1/2	pounds	Antelope steak	
1/3	teaspoon	Freshly-ground black pepper	
2	tablespoons	Flour	
1/8	teaspoon	Ground cloves	
1	teaspoon	Salt	
		Water	as needed

   Sift together the flour, salt and baking powder; cut or 
rub in the shortening, add the mashed potato and mix to a 
dough with the water, then chill while preparing the meat.
   Cut the steak into thin strips, dip each in the flour, 
salt, pepper and cloves which have been stirred together. 
Put a small piece of fat in the center of each strip of meat, 
roll up and place in a deep baking dish or casserole.  Half 
fill the dish with water, cover closely and bake in a slow 
oven for one hour, after which remove the cover, roll out the 
crust and put it in place over the meat; return to oven and 
bake twenty-five minutes longer.
   A few small pieces of kidney, or oysters or mushrooms may 
be cooked with the meat to give variety in flavor.	


Wyoming Marinated Pronghorn Leg

Recipe By:	Jacqueline E. Knight	

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
4	pounds	Pronghorn leg roast - (to 5 lbs)	boned
1/2	cup	Olive oil	
2	cups	Red or white wine	
		Juice of 2 lemons	
2	teaspoons	Salt	
1	teaspoon	Freshly-ground black pepper	
1		Bay leaf	
3		Garlic cloves	minced
2		Garlic cloves - (or more)	slivered

   Make a marinade with all ingredients except roast and slivered 
garlic.  Soak meat in it for 24 hours, turning several times 
during marinating.  Remove meat and drain.  Stud with slivers of 
garlic to taste.  Let stand for 1 to 2 hours at room temperature. 
Roast in 200 degree oven for 8 hours, basting with marinade from 
time to time.  Serve well chilled for a cold buffet.

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This is a sample recipe page from Recipe Girl.