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The porcupine is rarely an intentional hunter's target, but many hunters take a whack at one when they come across it inadvertently. Some People encourage this, particularly Foresters who resent the porky's habit of "ringing" trees, leading to the tree's eventual death. Others insist that porcupines should be killed only in dire emergency; they have been called a "walking lunchbox." Since porcupines are very slow-moving, anyone lost in woods where porcupines live can always eat. The animal can be easily killed with a club for a source of food.

Whatever your particular attitude is, should you want to try a porcupine, go right ahead. It is not necessarily true that they taste like kerosene! The porcupine cleans out easily. Much as you would proceed with a rabbit, slit the belly area, thus avoiding the quills. Naturally, remove the stomach. The hide peels off easily, as does the rabbit's, right down to the feet and there you are with lean, dark meat. (In Pennsylvania, if the quills aren't to be saved, they are first singed off, then the skin is cut off.) Porkies range from 9 to 40 pounds.

Jacqueline E. Knight


Marinated Porcupine Chops	

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
6		Porcupine chops	
3		Fingers coltsfoot salt	
1	qt	Maple sap	
2	sm	Wild onions	
4		Wild leeks	

  Pour the sap in a birch bark container or other non-metallic
  container. Cut up the onions into small pieces and add to the sap.
  Place the porcupine chops one at a time into the solution, placing
  one wild leek between the chops.  Let stand overnight in a cool
  place. In the morning grease the stone griddle with fat and remove
  the chops from the marinade and fry on the griddle.  Serve on hot
  cornmeal cakes.


New England Broiled Porcupine Liver

Recipe By:	Jacqueline E. Knight	

Amount	Measure	Ingredient	Preparation Method
		Porcupine liver(s)	
		Bacon slices	

   Soak the whole liver in salted water for 15 minutes.  Remove, 
drain, and wipe dry.  Cut liver into 3/4-inch-thick slices.  Drop 
slices into boiling water for 1 minute.  Remove, drain, and cool.  
Remove thin membrane fron edges and all gristle and tubes.  Wrap 
each slice with a slice of bacon and broil for 5 minutes.

  Comments:  Since the porky is a sedentary animal, the liver is 
relatively large.  The liver is very sweet and is considered one of 
the finest of game livers.

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This is a sample recipe page from Recipe Girl.