Terms & Condition Sale

By placing an order for Steve Nearman's products (dried peppers, chile powder, seeds or any other products) agree to and are bound by the following terms and conditions.

  1. All sales are final.
  2. RETURNS: Due to the nature of the products we can not take back any item(s) after being shipped.
  3. We will not replace a lost or damaged package unless you paid for insurance. You must file a claim with the USPS.
  4. REFUNDS: (a) We will not refund any money if your order is confiscated or seized by port or agriculture authorities. Check to see if you are allowed to import Chile products before you order. (b) There are no cash refunds. If we are liable, we will replace product only, purchaser may be responsible for additional shipping costs.
  5. Listed charges do not include any insurance, over-night or express delivery. Let us know if you have any special requirements.
  6. All Packages are shipped viva US Postal Service. First Class or Air Mail.
  7. RETURNED CHECKS: Buyer will pay an additional $100.00 for any check or draft returned unpaid, for any reason, and each time the payment of the check or draft is refused.
  8. VENUE AND LEGAL FEES: Venue and Interpretations for any and all proceedings shall be in the City Of Fredericksburg or Stafford County, Virginia and the authorities of the Commonwealth of Virginia, shall have jurisdiction over all controversies that may arise with respect to this purchase, the Buyer hereby waiving any other venue to which Buyer might be entitled by virtue of domicile or otherwise. Should Buyer initiate or bring a suit or action before any other courts, it is agreed that upon application, any such suit or action shall be dismissed, without prejudice, and may be filed in accordance with this provision. If Buyer brings a suit or action before a court not agreed to herein, Buyer shall pay to the Steve Nearman all the costs of seeking dismissal including reasonable attorneys' fees. In the event legal proceedings are instituted by Steve Nearman to collect any sums deemed to be overdue, Buyer agrees to pay for any and all reasonable costs of collection and/or attorney fees incurred by Steve Nearman on all Invoices or part thereof not paid within 20 days.

Chile Peppers