Green Peach Aphid

Green Peach Aphid

The Green Peach Aphid is among the most common aphid species found on peppers. It may be present at any time throughout the year but is most common from March through May and September through November. Generally its color is pale green, although at times individuals may be present that are pinkish. During cool weather, individuals are usually more deeply pigmented. Both winged and wingless forms of the green peach aphid have prominent cornicles on the abdomen that are markedly swollen and clublike in appearance. The frontal tubercles at the base of the antennae are very prominent and are convergent. Winged forms of the green peach aphid have a distinct dark patch near the tip of the abdomen; wingless forms lack this dark patch.

The green peach aphid transmits a number of destructive viruses in pepper including pepper potyviruses and cucumber mosaic cucumovirus. In addition, it can also damage the plant by sucking plant sap. Damaging levels are characterized by large numbers of aphids found on the underside of leaves. Extensive feeding causes plants to turn yellow and the leaves to curl downward and inward from the edges. Honeydew produced by the aphids can be a problem, especially on fresh market peppers. Aphid damage is most prominent on newer, younger leaves in the center of the plant..

Resource: Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California


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